The Great British Make-Over!

The Great British Business Group Got a Great British Make-Over!

After twenty years delivering a strong portfolio of successful, award winning commercial and residential projects across the MENA region, Broadway Interiors wanted to give something back to the community. A membership meeting in the Dubai branch of the BBG, highlighted their desire for an upgrade! As a non-profit company without money to spend, this provided the perfect platform! As long standing members of the group, our owner and founder Chris Barnes, rose to the challenge. He demonstrated his reputation for being one of the leading interior designers in the industry, whilst gaining the support and generosity of his strong supplier relationships, to completely refurbish an old office without a budget…………….and what a transformation! 

“When I was asked to look at the office, my first impression was that it had received no TLC since the day of its original completion in 2010. Whilst that style may have been the industry norm at that time, standards, expectations and creativity have significantly changed in today’s office environment.” Chris explained. “So without any budget, we saw this as a great challenge, to show what can be achieved with innovative and sustainable design. Recycling and repurposing obsolete materials and the willingness from our network of supplier relationships, to support us with this special project”. 

Sustainability is key!

Whilst we could have applied a structured design methodology, we wanted to use the opportunity to develop the project applying an organic and impulsive approach. No drawings were produced, and all details agreed with ‘on the spot’ decision making. The starting point for the design, was a visit to our warehouse. This was to review surplus, stored items to see how these could potentially be repurposed or recycled accordingly. To reduce the requirement for new material. Initial thoughts were to infuse elements of British culture into the design concept. Upon seeing a pile of bricks in our warehouse we instantly knew our starting point and the design developed from there.

Chris used elements of ‘UK life’ from the graphic skyline of the four constituent countries that make up Great Britain. The cobbled streets of UK towns are reflected by white brick walls of UK architecture. The greenery of the countryside and even the black and white modesty wall reflecting the quintessentially British crossword puzzle. This is augmented with representations of the British flag and it’s colours, with contemporary visual statements.

With strict Embassy ceiling regulations and no budget, we wanted to lose the dated tiles. Our  only option was to paint it black! Carpeting was provided by OFIS, a division of Interface. The sustainable global flooring provider, carpet adds softness and acoustic quality in the main office. Secondly, white office furniture donated by Human Space, a leading office furniture distributor in the UAE. This furniture also brings the boardroom up to date. In addition, new window blinds donated by Royal Blinds, a long standing, leading provider of premier blinds. The shades and curtains, gives it a modern feel and low cost efficient LED lighting from SETechS. The green and sustainable lighting company, upgrades the ceiling, all provided at half price.

British theme at the core!

The main feature of the boardroom is the fantastic Great Britain flag. Standing proudly on the wall it is designed entirely with redundant wood. The tired reception is brought to life as an old English cobbled street. A large is tree donated by Foliages, specialists in artificial trees and palms. This adds greenery and lifelike authenticity. With no funding for new desks, an interactive crossword wall was constructed to hide the cabling. It also provides a talking point for visitors and staff alike.       

Ending up with, a vibrant, modern office that BBG Dubai are absolutely delighted with! John Martin St. Valery, Chairman and CEO of the BBG in Dubai commented,

 “Chris cleverly captured the energy of the BBG team. He translated it into a workspace that is not only British themed, but is also on point with our refreshed strategy and approach. Its modernity and the flexibility of its open space mirror our aspirations while reflecting our commitment to sustainability and innovation. These are becoming ever more important in today’s workplace. Chris and the Broadway team donated weeks of design thought and translation. As well as, onsite labour and together with the generous support of their supplier relationships. They also provided materials and furniture free of charge, which definitely constitutes ‘giving back’ in our community. We are thrilled with the new office and cannot wait to welcome our members to the new and improved BBG headquarters!”


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