Why choose Broadway Interiors?

Established in 1999 we evolved from a fit-out contractor into an innovative full interior design studio. Our competitive advantage therefore is our build experience, establishing an enviable reputation for intelligent, innovative spaces, developed with strong attention to the build capability, we give you an accurate and honest assessment of the both the price and the delivery timeframe upfront, so there are no costly surprises or delays during the journey.

What interior services do you offer?

Broadway Interiors provide full Design Consultancy services that provides a concept, schematic and construction drawings that can be handed to contractors to quote fr the build. We can also support tender management, to help you choose the right contractors to build the design with design guardianship to ensure it is delivered to specification. Our Design and Build service can fast track your project, saving you time and money by working closely with contractors developed over 23 years of operating in the region. We can also deliver a full Turnkey services that can fully deliver your space ready to walk in and operate from.


What types of interior design services do you offer for the F&B/Hospitality sector?

Broadway Interiors specialises in providing interior design solutions for all sectors. We have an extensive portfolio of restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars and clubs, spas and other hospitality establishments. We offer comprehensive services including space planning, conceptual design, furniture selection, lighting design, design guardianship and project management if required.

Can you help with restaurant branding and theming?

Our expertise is interior design so we have experience in developing the look and feel of the restaurant in line with the client’s vision. We have relationships with branding companies that can help with logo design, menu design and signage and we work closely with them to develop the interior elements that align with your desired theme and concept.

How do you ensure functional and efficient restaurant design?

This is our competitive edge as we understand the importance of functionality and efficiency in restaurant design. Our experienced team design with the build in mind, prioritising the flow of the space, kitchen layout optimisation, seating arrangements and accessibility considerations to ensure smooth operations and an excellent customer experience, whilst creating a visually outstanding space!

Do you have experience in designing hotel interiors?

We have worked on various hotel projects, including lobbies, guest rooms, suites, restaurants, spas, and recreational areas. Our designs create inviting and memorable experiences for hotel guests.


What office design services do you offer?

Broadway Interiors offers a range of office design services, including space planning, workstation layout, collaborative areas, reception and lobby design, conference rooms, ergonomic considerations and integration of the latest technology.

How can you create an inspiring office environment?

We believe in designing offices that inspire creativity, productivity and employee well-being. Our design approach focuses on incorporating natural light, ergonomic furniture, biophilic elements, flexible workspaces, breakout areas and brand integration to create a vibrant and motivating work environment.

Can you help with office fit-out and refurbishment?

Yes, we are well known for providing comprehensive design and build office refurbishment services. Our team can handle the entire process, from concept development to construction and installation, all whilst you continue to work from the space if required. We ensure minimal disruption to your business operations while delivering high-quality results.

Do you have experience in designing collaborative workspaces?

Our portfolio showcases award-winning commercial projects that demonstrate we understand the importance of collaboration in modern workplaces. Our designers create workspaces tailored to your organisation’s needs, including open plan layouts, meeting rooms, brainstorming areas and interactive zones that foster teamwork and innovation.

How do you incorporate technology into office design?

We stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and can integrate technology seamlessly into office designs. This includes smart office solutions, audio-visual systems, video conferencing facilities, intelligent lighting, and other innovative features that enhance productivity and connectivity.


What interior design services do you offer for government projects?

Broadway Interiors provides interior design services for government buildings, offices, control centres, public spaces, and facilities. We specialise in creating functional, inclusive, and aesthetically pleasing environments that meet the specific requirements of government projects.

Can you handle large-scale government interior design projects?

Yes, we have the expertise and resources to handle large-scale government interior design projects. Our team is experienced in managing complex requirements, coordinating with multiple stakeholders, adhering to regulations, and delivering projects within specified timelines and budgets.

How do you ensure security and privacy in government spaces?

Security and privacy are paramount in government spaces and we design with a focus on incorporating appropriate security measures, controlled access areas, secure IT infrastructure, soundproofing, and privacy-enhancing features to meet the unique needs of government projects.

Can you create inclusive and accessible environments for government buildings?

We have extensive experience prioritising inclusivity and accessibility in our government design projects. Our team considers universal design principles, accessibility guidelines and the needs of diverse user groups to create spaces that are welcoming and accommodating to everyone.


Do you have experience in designing sports and fitness facilities?

Yes, we have a strong portfolio in designing sports and fitness facilities, including gyms, fitness studios, swimming pools and sports halls. Our designs focus on creating spaces that inspire physical activity, offering appropriate equipment and amenities that reflect the energy and spirit of sports.

Can you provide innovative lighting and audiovisual solutions for leisure spaces?

Winning ‘Best Use of Lighting’ in Interior Design for Crank Fitness Studio demonstrates that we understand the impact of lighting and audiovisual elements in creating immersive leisure experiences. Our team can design dynamic lighting schemes, interactive installations, thematic projections and audio systems that enhance the ambiance, create unique experiences and engage visitors!


What interior design services do you offer for residential projects?

Our first award was in ‘The Best Residential Interior Design’ category for a loft apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai! We provide the full interior design consultancy for residential projects including apartments, villas, townhouses, and penthouses. We offer customised design solutions tailored to our clients’ preferences, combining aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

How do you create personalized living spaces for clients?

We believe in understanding our clients’ lifestyles, tastes, and preferences to create personalised living spaces. Our designers work closely with clients and our strong network of suppliers to develop unique design concepts, select furniture and finishes and incorporate personal touches that reflect their individuality.

What is your approach to creating functional and organised residential interiors?

We prioritise functionality and organisation in residential design, our talented team focus on space planning, storage solutions and optimised flow within each living area. We aim to enhance daily living and ensure efficient use of space whilst providing a contemporary, modern or classic design style in line with the client’s vision.

Can you provide sustainable and energy-efficient design options for residential projects?

We are committed to sustainable design practices. Our team can incorporate energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and systems, as well as eco-friendly materials and finishes, into residential projects. We strive to create homes that are both stylish and environmentally responsible.

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