The Gas Is On at Lock Stock & Barrel!

The Gas is on at LSB!

“The much-anticipated food court opened last week at Lock, Stock and Barrel, Rixos Premium Hotel in JBR. It was therefore time to treat some of the Broadway team that worked so hard behind the scenes on the LSB design to sample the fruits of their labour! The team were welcomed by the LSB staff to a premium table right beside the stage. They had a full view of the venue so they could appreciate what they had created!

LSB 2.0

The second LSB, retains all the well-loved original elements of the first venue, with visual stimulation apparent everywhere. Dark natural materials are used to achieve the rustic, industrial look. Rich accents of vintage colour stimulate the eye in key elements. Such as, the comfortable leather furniture, restructured, redundant shipping containers and reclaimed and custom-made tables from Indonesian boat wood and oil drums.

Reclaimed wood arranged as juxtaposed timber walling and obsolete hi-fi speakers add a sense of both scale and character. Colourful, quirky artwork is strategically placed to make bolder statements, portraying a trendy image. The stage constructed using scaffold boards, has a huge presence and bar frontages are railway sleepers secured from an Indian railway company.


Adding many levels of private VIP areas to create interest, they provide uninterrupted viewing vantage points. This raises the standard of enjoyment. Intimate, casual seating areas accommodate groups of all sizes and coloured LED lighting illuminates’ bars and pool tables.

Replicating the essence and vibe of the Asian food markets, the upper floor is divided utilising containers in a similar fashion to the current trendy food truck craze. This is where colours and themes have been incorporated to mimic the types of food being served within, creating an urban, carnival feel.

A comfortable outside terrace, maximising views, completes the casual, stylish LSB experience!”

the gas is on at lsb


the gas is on at lsb

pool table

The Gas is on at LSB















































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