Broadway on Tour to Finish 2019

Broadway on Tour to Finish 2019

Just like Santa, Chris was very busy and went all over the world this Christmas!

Chris’ first stop was Milan, Italy, one of the world’s most fashionable cities. It is also known as the economic heart of Italy with great shopping! Chris’s wife and daughter tagged along to admire all the world-famous culture and architecture. Whilst he met with his suppliers to discuss solutions for his up and coming design projects.


Broadway on Broadway…

Next stop was a trip across the pond to the big apple, Chris went to the original Black Tap in Soho. He also met with Chrissie, the Design Project Manager for Black Tap. They discussed the design of the new flagship store coming soon to Dubai Mall! Chris visited the offices and all three venues in New York, before enjoying a well-earned All-American Burger and Churro Choco Taco milkshake, exclusive to the New York restaurants!


Leaving the US for the UK, Chris was able to enjoy a cold Christmas and New Year with family and friends in London, his first for 10 years, as he is usually working!


His last stop was Istanbul, Turkey where he met suppliers to sample new furniture solutions. Having been away for nearly 3 weeks, he needed to get creative to fit everything in, utilising his time wisely by sampling chairs on his way to the airport!



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