12 Days of Christmas brought to you by Broadway…

12 Days of Christmas…

Christmas treeOn the first day of Christmas. Design Middle East presented Broadway with the ‘Boutique firm of the year’ award. 


Christmas treeOn the second day of Christmas. Commercial Interior Design revealed Broadway had two shortlists at the prestigious Commercial Interior Design Awards; ‘Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design’ and ‘Interior Designer of the Year’. Of these two awards we won ‘Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design’.


Christmas treeOn the third day of Christmas. Broadway gave to you, three branches of Lock Stock and Barrel in JBR, Barsha Heights, and Kazan


Christmas treeOn the fourth day of Christmas Broadway completed four floors of Dubai Technological Entrepreneur Campus


Christmas treeOn the fifth day of Christmas, Design Middle East revealed that Broadway had five shortlists in the Design Awards.


Christmas treeOn the sixth day of Christmas. Commercial Interior Design Magazine recognised Chris as one of Commercial Interior Design’s Power List top 50 most influential designers in the Middle East for the sixth year in a row. 


Christmas treeOn the seventh day of Christmas importantlywe give recognition to the seven amazing, talented Broadway designers.


Christmas treeOn the eighth day of Christmas we look at the eight countries we have worked in over 2019. 


Christmas treeOn the ninth day of Christmas. we take a look back at the nine overall awards nominations in 2019 for Commercial Interior Design, Design Middle East, International Property awards and Light Middle East awards.


Christmas treeOn the tenth day of Christmas. Broadway gave to you ten, restaurant and bar projects completed this year. In addition to the ones coming next year…


Christmas treeOn the eleventh day of Christmas, Broadway gave to you, eleven completed Black Tap venues across the UAE, Saudi and Europe, along with four more branches in the pipeline


Christmas treeOn the twelfth day of Christmas you supported us with, twelve of Broadways most successful months as an Interior Design company in its 20 years of operation…


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